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BoomScape Pet Chances List

This list does not show calculations for Pet Boost Scrolls or Donator Pet Drop Bonus'

To calculate your Pet Chance Bonus here is the forumla
Adjust = BaseRate * DonatorBonus
Adjust = Adjust + (BaseRate * 0.25) -> Only done if pet drop scroll is active
FinalRate = BaseRate - Adjust

Boss Pets

Pet Source Base Chance
Abyssal orphan.png Abyssal Orphan Abyssal Sire / Using Unsired on Font of Consumption

1/1000 Per Kill
1/150 Per Unsired

Baby mole.png Baby Mole Dropped by Giant Mole


Callisto cub.png Callisto cub Dropped by Callisto 1/500
Hellpuppy.png Hellpuppy Dropped by Cerberus 1/1000
Ikkle hydra.png Ikkle hydra Dropped by Alchemical Hydra 1/1000
Tzrek-zuk.pngJal-nib-rek/Tzrek-zuk Defeating TzKal-Zuk or exchanging an infernal cape to TzHaar-Ket-Keh 1/100 Per Kill
1/25 Per Gamble
Kalphite princess.png Kalphite princess Dropped by Kalphite Queen 1/1000
Little nightmare.png Little nightmare/parasite Dropped by The Nightmare 1/1,000 Per Kill
1/800 for MVP
Olmlet.png Olmlet Great Olm at the end of the Chambers of Xeric 1/53 (per broadcasted unique item)
Pet chaos elemental.png Pet chaos elemental Dropped by the Chaos Elemental and Chaos Fanatic 1/500 for Fanatic & Elemental
Pet dagannoth prime.png Pet dagannoth prime Dropped by Dagannoth Prime 1/1000
Pet dagannoth rex.png Pet dagannoth rex Dropped by Dagannoth Rex 1/1000
Pet dagannoth supreme.png Pet dagannoth supreme Dropped by Dagannoth Supreme 1/1000
Pet dark core.png Pet dark core Dropped by Corporeal Beast 1/1000
Pet general graardor.png Pet general graardor Dropped by General Graardor 1/1000
Pet k'ril tsutsaroth.png Pet k'ril tsutsaroth Dropped by K'ril Tsutsaroth 1/1000
Pet kree'arra.png Pet kree'arra Dropped by Kree'arra 1/1000
Pet kraken.png Pet kraken Dropped by Kraken 1/1000
Pet smoke devil.png Pet smoke devil Dropped by the Thermonuclear smoke devil 1/1000
Pet snakeling (tanzanite).png Pet snakeling Dropped by Zulrah 1/1000
Pet zilyana.png Pet zilyana Dropped by Commander Zilyana 1/1000
Prince black dragon.png Prince black dragon Dropped by the King Black Dragon 1/1000
Scorpia's offspring.png Scorpia's offspring Dropped by Scorpia 1/1000
Skotos.png Skotos Dropped by Skotizo 1/65
Sraracha.png Sraracha Dropped by Sarachnis 1/600
Tzrek-jad.pngTzrek-jad/Jalrek-jad Defeating TzTok-Jad or exchanging a fire cape to TzHaar-Mej-Jal 1/100 Per Kill / Gamble
Venenatis spiderling.png Venenatis spiderling Dropped by Venenatis 1/500
Vet'ion jr..png Vet'ion jr. Dropped by Venenatis 1/500
Vorki.png Vorki Dropped by Vorkath 1/600
Smolcano.png Smolcano Dropped by Zalcano 1/2,000
Lil' zik.png Lil Zuk Verzik Vitur at the end of Theatre of Blood 1/500
Nexling.png Nexling Dropped by Nex 1/500


Skilling Pets

Pet Source Base Chance
Baby chinchompa.png  Baby chinchompa Obtained while hunting chinchompas 1/2,500
Beaver.png Beaver Obtained while woodcutting Logs.png 1/31,764
Achey tree logs.png 1/31,764
Oak logs.png 1/30,114
Willow logs.png 1/28,928
Teak logs.png 1/28,928
Juniper logs.png 1/36,000
Maple logs.png 1/22,191
Mahogany logs.png 1/16,541
Yew logs.png 1/14,501
Magic logs.png 1/7,232
Redwood logs.png1/6,200
Giant squirrel.png Giant squirrel Obtained while training agility Agility Courses
Gnome Stronghold 1/4,250
Barbarian Outpost 1/5,500
Wilderness 1/4,250
Prifddinas 1/3,000

Rooftop Courses
Draynor Village 1/4,000
Al Kharid 1/3,250
Varrock 1/3,500
Canifis 1/4,500
Falador 1/3,750
Seers' Village 1/4,500
Pollnivneach 1/4,000
Rellekka 1/4,000
East Ardougne 1/3,750
Heron.png Heron Obtained while fishing Shrimps.png 1/50,000
Sardine.png 1/49,000
Anchovies.png 1/46,000
Mackerel.png 1/45,000
Trout.png 1/46,000
Cod.png 1/37,000
Pike.png 1/35,000
Salmon.png 1/30,000
Tuna.png 1/30,000
Lobster.png 1/28,000
Bass.png 1/27,000
Swordfish.png 1/24,000
Monkfish.png 1/24,000
Shark.png 1/20,000
Anglerfish.png 1/20,000
Dark crab.png 1/20,000
Minnow 5.png 1/100,000
Infernal eel.png 1/10,000
Sacred eel.png 1/7,500
Cooked karambwan.png 1/24,000
  Rift guardian.png Rift guardian   Obtained through runecraft (You will receieve a different Rift Guardian depending on which Altar you use) Air rune.png 1/52,800
Mind rune.png 1/51,000
Water rune.png 1/47,200
Earth rune.png 1/45,200
Fire rune.png 1/43,500
Body rune.png 1/41,800
Cosmic rune.png 1/39,500
Chaos rune.png 1/17,080
Astral rune.png 1/9,990
Nature rune.png 1/30,570
Law rune.png 1/38,200
Death rune.png 1/14,900
Blood rune.png 1/8,500
Soul rune.png 1/8,000
Wrath rune.png 1/7,500
Ourania Altar 1/30,570
  Rock golem.png Rock golem   Obtained while mining Clay.png: Clay rock drops Clay with rarity Always in quantity 1 1/74,160
Copper ore.png: Copper rock drops Copper ore with rarity Always in quantity 1 1/74,160
Tin ore.png: Tin rock drops Tin ore with rarity Always in quantity 1 1/74,160
Iron ore.png: Iron rock drops Iron ore with rarity Always in quantity 1 1/74,160
Blurite ore.png: Blurite rock drops Blurite ore with rarity Always in quantity 1 1/74,160
Silver ore.png: Silver rock drops Silver ore with rarity Always in quantity 1 1/74,160
Coal.png: Coal rock drops Coal with rarity Always in quantity 1 1/29,064
Gold ore.png: Gold rock drops Gold ore with rarity Always in quantity 1 1/29,064
Mithril ore.png: Mithril rock drops Mithril ore with rarity Always in quantity 1 1/14,832
Lovakite ore.png: Lovakite rock drops Lovakite ore with rarity Always in quantity 1 1/24,556
Adamantite ore.png: Adamantite rock drops Adamantite ore with rarity Always in quantity 1 1/9,328
Runite ore.png: Runite rock drops Runite ore with rarity Always in quantity 1 1/4,237
Amethyst.png: Amethyst crystals drops Amethyst with rarity Always in quantity 1 1/2,500
Sandstone (10kg).png: Sandstone rock drops Sandstone (10kg) with rarity Unknown in quantity 1 1/74,160
Granite (5kg).png 1/74,160
Uncut opal.png: Gem rock drops Uncut opal with rarity 60/128 in quantity 1 1/9,328
Icy basalt.png 1/29,664
Limestone.png: Pile of Rock drops Limestone with rarity Always in quantity 1 1/74,160
  Rocky.png Rocky Obtained while thieving 

Vegetable 1/52,000
Cake 1/49,000
Crafting 1/49,000
Scimitar 1/49,000
Magic 1/33,000
Monkey General 1/24,000
Monkey Food 1/16,000
Tea/Silk 1/42,000
Wine 1/41,000
Seed 1/40,000
Fur 1/22,000
Fish 1/21,000
Crossbow 1/20,000
Silver 1/19,000
Spice 1/13,000
Gem 1/8,500
Ore 1/8,500

Paladin - 1/24,000
Hero - 1/18,000
Elf - 1/18,000
Vyres - 1/18,000
TzHaar-Hur - 1/28,000
Everyone Else - 1/60,000

  Tangleroot.png Tangleroot   Obtained while farming

Allotment 1/45,000
Flower 1/30,000

Herb 1/10,000
Hops 1/10,000
Bush 1/5,000
Fruit Tree 1/1,000
Mushroom 1/750
Celastrus 1/750
Cactus 1/600
Hespori 1/750
Tree's 1/300
Calquat 1/500
Spirit Tree 1/150
Redwood Tree 1/250

Bloodhound.png Bloodhound Received when completing clue scrolls Reward casket (easy).png 1/5,000
Reward casket (medium).png 1/2,500
Reward casket (hard).png 1/1,000
Reward casket (elite).png 1/500
Reward casket (master).png 1/250
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