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BoomScapes Revision Update has finally landed


As a lot of you know, we have been working on a massive update for BoomScape over the past few months, we have finally perfected everything and packed in a lot of new content and updates! We are going from a 192 revision of Old School RuneScape, all the way up to the 206 revision, meaning a mass of updates being dropped all at once which is exciting! Below I will go into detail about the updates & changes that have been made starting of with Client changes!

We have gone through and removed quite a few redundant plugins that had no use in BoomScape to help reduce clutter in the options! The list of removed plugins can be seen below

Removed Plugins
Whale Watchers
War Indicator
Tithe Farm
Tarns Lair
Supplies Tracker
Quest List
Pyramid Plunder
Puzzle Solver
Player Scouter
Mage Training Arena
Loot Assist
Kourend Libary
Equipment Inspector
Clan Man Mode
World Hopper
News Feed
Drop Party
Default World
Crystal Math Labs

The main RuneLite client updates can be seen below, something you guys have been waiting for, for a while!

  • 117HD Release & GPU Updgraded
    • Disclaimer
      • The 117HD Plugin is still in beta, and isn't recommended to be used in dangerous situations such as PvP
        • No items or HCIM status will be refunded in the event of the client crashing due to these plugins, so please be cautious and especially aware on lower powered computer setups.
    • Notes for HD Plugin
      • BoomScape does not maintain the HD Plugin, all the features have been taken from the public RuneLiteHD Github, any graphical issues caused on your client will most likely be present in OSRS too, and will be fixed in the future. We ask thar you don't report these issues to us.
      • Running the HD plugin heavily depends on the GPU, it is not recommended to enable the HD plugin if you don't have a GPU and are using integrated graphics.
    • The 117 HD & GPU Plugins are now available on BoomScape
      • Please take note, the plugins cannot be both enabled at the same time as they conflict with each other, and only one will be runnable at a time.
    • 117 HD:
      • This plugin will move most of the client's rendering to the GPU, if available, upgrading a lot of visual aspects of the game to a much higher definition
      • There are quite a few customisable options within the plugin to tender how the plugin works
        • Some of the options include:
          • Adjustable draw distance, from 1-90 tiles.
          • Shadow quality/distances.
          • Winter Theme mode
          • Dynamic lighting
          • Underwater Caustics
          • Fog depth
    • GPU Plugin
      • The plugin will not make any drastic visual changes to the game, but passes some of the rendering to the GPU, which will allow players to smooth out the games edges with anti-aliasing, adjust draw distance from 1-90 tiles & add colorblind filters.
    • Players may experience issues with these plugins, mainly depending on your GPU & the version of OpenGL that you are running, also depending on the device, OS etc


The following updates have been added to BoomScape


  • Nex has been released!
    • Killcount Requirement
      • Nex will be accessible after 40 Ancient Killcount in the new God Wars dungeon lair, you can use a Ecumenical key to skip this kc requirement, donators will also get their respective boosts to KC requirements.
    • How the fight works
      • Nex is an instanced area so beware if you drop items on the floor as they will not be retrievable, the fight will start a minute after players enter through the Ancient Barrier, which will set the ancient barrier to turn red whilst Nex is being fought.
    • Drop System
      • There is a minimum damage requirement to be eligible for a drop and killcount from Nex, if you are over that threshold you will receive loot, with the MVP getting Big bones additionally. Loot is the same for every player, except the MVP who will have a slight higher chance to get a valuable unique & Pet Nexling!
      • Similar to OSRS, Torva items will need to be repaired, this can be done by breaking down Bandos Tasstes/Chestplates into Bandosian components. This can be done by using the bandos items on the Ancient Forge, and then use the damaged Torva armour on the Anvil with the required Bandosian components in your inventory to fix them!
  • Ancient Weapons
    • Ancient Godsword
    • Zaryte Crossbow
      • The Zaryte crossbow can be crafted by attaching a Nihl horn to an Armadyl Crossbow along wih 250 Nihil Shards, it's special attack guarantee's a Special from your bolt, please refer to the following to find further details on how the Zaryte Crossbow works!

Shooting Stars.png

  • Shooting Stars have been released!
    • How they will work?
      • Shooting Stars will spawn every 4 hours into BoomScape, these events will be globally broadcasted in-game & on Discord in the #game-events channel. These will work similar to OSRS, there are 9 layers to the Shooting Star that has crashed down to Gilenor, with each layer requiring a different mining level to be able to harvest the stardust from the Star. be6988c70c861b87e6b1b56c031cf01f.png
      • The star will automatically be mined by a group of Dwarfs if it's not mined within 30 minutes!
    • Where can I spend my Stardust collected?
      • Stardust can be spent at Dusuri's Star Shop, who can be found by the Mining Guild entrance in Falador, he will sell the following items:
        • Celestial ring (uncharged)
        • Star fragment - This allows one piece of the prospector kit to be recoloured to a gold variant.
        • Bag full of gems.
        • Soft clay pack.
        • We might also add other goodies to this store, so feel free to make suggestions on what we could add!
    • For a more detailed understanding of how the Shooting Star system works, please refer to the following:


Bow of faerdhinen (c) (Trahaearn) equipped.png       Blade of saeldor (c) equipped.png

  • Bow of Faerdhinen & Blade of Saeldor have been added!
    • How will they be rewarded?
      • Initially as we don't have Gauntlet in BoomScape, these will be received in UMB & SMB's along with being inside the Enhanced Crystal Key chest at an extremely rare rate..
        • Going into the future, we are planning on releasing some additional bosses, such as a Vote boss which currently is planned to spawn per 250 global votes, and this will either be on the bosses drop table, or perhaps you will get points for killing the Vote Event Boss, it is unsure exactly how that will work at this stage though.
      • We will be working on releasing Gauntlet also but it's currently unknown to when progress will be started on this.
    • How can the weapon be made and colored?


  • The new Vote Mystery Boxes have been added!
    • These can be purchased using Vote Points in the Party Pete shop and will provide some juicy new rewards along with cosmetic upgrades!
      • The loot table will be added shortly for this

New Additions to BoomScape

  • Revision has been updated from 192, to 206, meaning a lot of visual changes around the game, and to the map!
    • If you find any issues around the map, be sure to create a bug report or DM me personally
  • Demonic Creatures will no longer drop 'ashes' and in replacement will drop 'Demonic Ashes' with different demonic creatures dropping different tiers.. These can be scattered in return, gaining prayer experience.
  • Added new Pets
    • Nexling Pet
    • Lil'Zik Metamorphis
    • Lil' Creator
    • Lil' Destructor
  • Double Cannonball mould has been added *** currently unsure where to add this.. lol, maybe donor store idk yet.. 
  • New Item Combines have been added, such as the Ornament kit for Dragon Warhammer that wasn't passed in an OSRS Poll
    • These types of Ornament Kits will be released in a few different ways, but none have been 100% confirmed yet
      • New Vote Mystery Boxes
      • Jimmy Dazzlers Seasonal 'FashionScape' store
      • BoomScape Events
  • Crystal Tools now work and function as expected
  • Changes to Death Mechanics in the Wilderness
    • Previously the death mechanics in the wilderness meant that untradeable items over 20 wilderness turned into coins, which was incorrect, they will now protect if they are supposed to, else they will either turn into gold, or revert to the un-upgraded version of the item.

Bug Fixes

  • We have gone through and fixed up some bugs text
    • Removed some random rocks falling at Corporeal Beast, along with resistance message
    • Dragon Hunter Crossbow no longer boosts damage by 30% and has been decreased to 25%
      • Wyverns were not being considered as a dragon, causing issues with DHL/DHCB, this has been corrected
    • Sotetseg no longer hits you after he has been defeated
    • Corrected the crafting of Crystal Tools at the Signing Bowl not requiring the Dragon counterpart
      • Crystal Axe
      • Crystal Pickaxe
      • Crystal Harpoon
    • Character Selection Name has been changed due to some issues it was causing
    • Fixed an issue with Dwarf Cannon auto reload for Dragonstone + donators
    • Fixed a bug with non donators getting extra Slayer points
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