BoomScape Revision Upgrade & More! [05/03/2023]


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BoomScape Revision Update & More!


BoomScape New Additions

  • Upgraded to 208
    •  The RuneLite Client is now up to date with OSRS RuneLite meaning a lot of the plugins we currently have that have issues or don't have the updates OSRS ones have, now will do!
      •   On RuneLite we also have a custom Plugin Hub, where we will have a list of plugins that you can add to the client! We can also add to this list but currently have a handful of plugins we found would be useful in-game
    •  The Mobile Client has also been updated
      •   Due to changes OSRS made with the Mobile Client, we have had to port RuneLite to work on Android, this means the client may have bugs and not work exactly like the OSRS Mobile client, in time we aim to smooth this out making the Mobile client work flawlesly.   
  • Nightmare Zone rewards interface is now handled properly
  • You can now Equip items from the bank interface
  • Blighted sacks now show when you can use the attack in the wilderness
  • The Collection log has been completely reworked from the back end and now has all the latest items and NPCs within it!
    • When you receive a new item for the Collection Log, you'll get a popup displaying the new item added!
  • You will now be colored 'red' when attacked with the Ancient Godsword or attacked by Nex's Blood Attack
  • UMB Loot Table has been updated and now includes Nex Loot Table items
  • Pest Control Games completions are now saved and can be seen at the Scoreboard on the Pest Control Island
  • The 'Quest' Tab has been updated and now has a new look!
    •  Achievement Diaries has been added
      •   There are benefits and rewards for each of the Diary lists completed, by speaking to the Taskmaster for the appropriate area you can be rewarded these!
  • Pest Control 'Scoreboard' has been added, and will display wins from different Pest Control difficulties
  • Items Kept On Death Interface has been reworked
  • Changing Spellbook/Teleport Tab's default can now be done from the Teleport interface and will change both the Teleport Tab & Interface's default option
  • You can now set thresholds for Alchemy Warnings
  • PvP Kills/Deaths now displays in the Wilderness
  • New Slayer Unlocks have been added
    • You can now Store Slayer Tasks after unlocking 'Task Storage', and claim the Stored Task at a later date!
  • New HitSplat System has been added, these can be configured in settings, but by default, Hitsplats that aren't yours will be a 'tinted' variant, you will also get a different HitSplat when you hit a Max Hit within the Threshold you set.
  • Special Attack Orb can no longer be used in the Wilderness
  • The Orante Jewellery Box in the PoH now sets a 'Last Teleport' option
  • Relocate/Redecorate right click options now function on the Estate Agent
  • The Grand Exchange History is now limited to 40 items, the Buy-offer & Examine options also now function as intended
  •  The Collection Box now functions as it should.
  • Nightmare Scoreboard has been added, this displays Global Killcounts, Deathcounts & Best Time along with your own personal stats
  • Nex Scoreboard Statistics has been added
  • TOB Scoreboard Statistics have been added, displaying the best times for different party sizes, personally and globally
  • Corrected the Boss HP Bar Overlay at Nightmare & Added the HP Bar to Nex
  • Barbarian Smithing has been added
  • Konar Slayer has been added back to BoomScape with the Brimstone chest being fixed
  • Corporeal Beast now restores 25 HP per 5 game ticks whilst the room is empty to allow for soloing corp. Previously the HP was fully restored after 7 game ticks.


  •  Lizardman Shaman Killcount is now stored, and Dragon warhammer is now globally announced.
  •  Xerics Talisman functionality has been added & drop rates corrected at Lizardmen.
  •  You can now create pies from scratch.
  •  Windmills across BoomScape now function correctly
  •  You can now make 'Sinew' on Cooking Ranges with Raw Meat
  •  You can now 'Cast Bloom' with Sickles in Morytania & bless a Sickle by using it at the Altar of Nature.
  •  You can now Churn Diary products at Dairy Churn's
  •  You can now 'shake' palm trees
  •  You can now pick pineapples from Pineapple plants
  •  The Toll Gate between Lumbridge & the Desert now works
  •  Bryophta is now accessible
  •  Added Pothole Dungeon
  •  Added various missing ground item spawns

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Magic Defence on NPCs was incorrectly calculated, this has now been fixed.
  • Molten Eel Fishing Spot NPC ID has been corrected
  • The XP Counter now Displays when logging in
  • Fixed an issue with TeleGroup & TeleOther System
  • Fixed the 'Stop the Wyvern' Slayer Unlock
  • Wyver-nother two & To dust you shall return, now correctly extends Fossil Island Wyverns & Dust Devil tasks
  • Extended Slayer Tasks now correctly randomly grabs a value between the min & max amounts
  • Twisted Bow has been fixed and now applies correct bonuses at COX
  • Corrected PK Points Text
  • Certain interfaces used to make the chatbox unuseable which has now been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where Interfaces in Resizable mode used to stretch vertically when they shouldn't
  • Fixed an issue where you'd get skulled in the Wilderness when killing a player whilst you are unskulled
  • Fixed an issue where you could be assigned as a killer on yourself, this could happen in TOB at Nylos when you are hit by your own hit for hitting with the incorrect attack style.
  • Fixed an issue with Mystery Boxes where you could inspect the client to preview the loot you'd win before clicking spin.
  • Fixed an issue with the Gambling Interface which caused users to crash on Mobile if the bet exceeded 4 items
  • Fixed an issue with Reanimated creatures sometimes spawning on inaccessible tiles
  • Revenant Hobgoblin now has a droptable
  • Fixed multiple ladders/stairs
  • Cannons should now be placeable in positions where they previously wasn't aloud due to an incorrect check.
  • Fixed an issue with Reanimating NPCs on the Arceuus spellbook where the NPC would be spawned out of bounds
  • Fixed and added multiple fish spawns
  • Fixed an issue where Bracelet of Slaughter and Expeditious Bracelet was doing the wrong effects
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