BoomScape Updates - Tombs of Amscut item release, Discord integration & more! [23/08/2023]


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Prepare for an exciting journey as we unveil the freshest updates in BoomScape! We've fine-tuned gameplay mechanics, introduced new item functionalities, and refined loot tables for a more engaging experience. From improved Accuracy & Defence rolls to the addition of ToA Items and expanded Combat Dummies, we're elevating your adventure. Not to mention, we've addressed various bugs and introduced client enhancements to make your gameplay smoother than ever. Stay tuned to explore these captivating changes and enhancements that are bound to make your BoomScape experience even more thrilling.


Gameplay Enhancements:

  • Improved Accuracy & Defence rolls system.
  • Introduced ToA Items functionality, integrated into specific drop tables:
    • Osmumten's fang: Chambers of Xeric & Ultimate Mystery Box.
    • Lightbearer: Drops from Venenatis, Callisto, Vet'ion, and available at the PK Points Shop for 300 points.
    • Masori armour: Obtainable in the Theatre of Blood.
    • Tumeken's shadow: Drops in Theatre of Blood & Ultimate Mystery Box.
    • Thread of Elidinis: Found in Chambers of Xeric, Donator Store, and PK Points Shop for 350 bonds.
    • Elidinis' Ward: Drops from Chambers of Xeric & Ultimate Mystery Box.
  • Expanded Combat Dummy placement at the home area.
  • Adjusted Godwars Bosses respawn time to 60 seconds.

Discord Intergration:



  • New Discord Integration:
    • Link your Discord and in-game accounts via !link-account command.
    • Verification code sent by BoomScape Bot; input it in-game using ;;link.
    • Each Discord/Character links to one Discord account.
    • Verified accounts gain automatic rank addition.
    • Access the new "Server Clan Chat" channel for linked accounts.

Loot Refinements:

Item Manipulation:

  • Implemented ability to apply Sigils & Spirit Shields on Abbot Langley, converting them to Spirit Shields or removing Sigils.

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved issues with unclickable banks exceeding 815 items, player/NPC nulling, and Thrall spawning on lower floors.
  • Adjusted Ancient Godsword wielding requirement to 75 attack.
  • Corrected functionality of "Bot Prevention Guards."

Client Updates:

  • Improved interaction with Lightbearer in Regen plugin, resetting Special Attack timer on equip/unequip.
  • Set Godwars Boss timers to 60 seconds.
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