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I'm from the UK living in the south, and have been working on code related development since I was about 12 years old. 

I first started out on a Habbo Retro which was called Boom Hotel which welcomed over 50,000 users over the course of a year and my very first insight to writting code! 

I then started my first RSPS back in 2013 which continued the name of BoomScape which had over 200 concurrent players active and came in at the #2 RSPS in 2014 across Top Voting websites, BoomScape slowly came to a close in around late 2015, early 2016. 

I have now returned with the passion for developing a community on a new style of RSPS which has me motivated daily to work and improve on, seeing active players and the community grow is honestly one of the best feelings! 

Besides code related activities, I go on a few daily walks with my dog named Monte, frequently go to the gym, play a bit of Golf and recently got back into watching Football, supporting West Ham United!

I'm quite easy to talk with so if you have any problems or issues in game or even personal problems you can always message me on Discord!

Apart from that I hope everyone who plays on BoomScape has an enjoyable time every player is important to me in this ever growing community! 

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