Con's Nightmare Zone Guide


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The dream potion.Con's NMZ GuideThe spectator potion.



NMZ is a minigame mainly used to afk train combat skills. It can also be used to purchase items and imbue gear to make it more powerful

using points from the minigame.



I recommend base 60 combat stats to make NMZ even efficent training. The higher the better though.

It can be done with 1 defence and prayer as well. 


Melee Setup Example:


When doing NMZ you want to go for straight offensive and strength bonus. This because we will be protected from any damage. 

The gear can be better or worst than this. Just what I had at the time. ?

Range Setup Example:


Again here, go for all offensive range bonus.

To Get Started:

To get there go ::home, to the nexus, then minigames, then to nightmare zone.

First game:

This is a seperate section because your first game is going to be completly different from all the others.

This is because we do not have absorption potions unlocked yet(Bought using nmz points).

So for this first dream we will be using a inventory similar to this:


Now you want to right-click Dominic and click dream.


You want to choose hard now because it will grant you more points.

Once in the dream pray melee the whole time and fight the quest bosses that spawn.

Once you are out of food and prayer pots click the potion to the south to leave.


NMZ Strategy After First Game:

Now that you have some points it is time use the real NMZ strategy.

Getting setup:

The chest near NMZ is the rewards shop. In the benefits tab there are absorption potions. 

These potions negate all damage but use up a charge of the potions per 1 damage. When you

drink a dose of the potion you gain 50 absorption points. You can 1000 points at a time.


To make the points last longer we are going to use a Dwarven Rock Cake. This can be bought at ::home in the shops.


The rock cake has two options eat and guzzle. When you are above 12 hp you want to guzzle, and to get down to 1 hp you want to eat.

Don't worry it cant kill you.


So now you want to get a similar inventory to mine and enter the NMZ again.

When you buy absorption potions, buying 1 dose actually buys a 4 dose potions.

Once in the NMZ you drink your absorption potions to 1000 points and then rock cake to one hp.

You can now afk until you need to drink absorption pots again or rock cake down to 1 again.


Besides absorption potions you can buy imbues for various gear making them stronger

or have a more wide use.

Below are the imbuable items and their price:

Black Mask - 1.25m points

Slayer Helmet - 1.25m points

Salve amulet - 800k points

Ring of the gods - 650k points

RIng of suffering - 725k points

Berserker ring - 650k points

Warrior ring - 650k points

Archers ring - 650k points

Seers ring - 650k points

Tyrannical ring - 650k points

Treasonous ring - 650k points

Granite ring - 500k points

If you want to know what the item does when imbued look up "item name + (i)" on google.

If I listed them all this guide would become a dictionary ? 



Hope this guide helped some of you out!

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