Con and Mosey's Motherlode Mine Guide


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Motherlode is a mining minigame on Boomscape. It can be used a way to afk mine as well

to unlock the prospector outfit that gives a great mining xp boost when the full set is worn.



30 Mining (At least 41 for rune pick is recommend)

This can be gotten by mining bronze and iron west of ::home. Should take no longer than 5 minutes.

A pickaxe

Can be bought at shops at home. We recommend at least a rune pickaxe but can be done with lower.

A hammer

Can be bought from the general store person at shops at home.


Getting There:

There are two ways of getting to motherlode mine on Boomscape:

1. Run west of home to the mine and then enter the cave in mining pit.


2. ::home > minigames > motherlode mine and then enter the cave.



How it Works:

Once there you can start mining the paydirt viens scattered around the mine. Turning on the runelite

"Motherlode mine" plugin can help you quickly find them as they deplete after you get 1 - 5 paydirt.


Once you have a full inventory of paydirt head to the center of the mine. Fix the 2 water wheels with your hammer

to get the wash running.


Only 1 has to be running but why not fix both, free smithing xp.

Once the wash is running, deposit your paydirt in the hopper to the north and it will be washed

down to the sack to the south.


After this, collect your ores and gold nuggets, bank, and repeat!


Here are the rates you will receive ore from the paydirt. THE GOLD NUGGET DROPRATE IS HIGHER ON BOOMSCAPE


XP and Rewards:

30-99(Full prospector):

8.4k per paydirt

1551 paydirt to 99

30-99(No prospector):

2.4k per paydirt

5426 paydirt to 99

As you can see it is very important to buy prospectors either through getting gold nuggets at 

motherlode mine or through a donation to the server through bonds or with the store.


If you talk to prospector percy you can view his store, all the items in here can be bought

with gold nuggets.




Hope you enjoyed our Motherlode Mine Guide and happy grinding!


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