Con's Ultimate crafting guide


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Con's Ultimate Crafting Guide

Before we get started, crafting is a profitable, easy, and afk skill on BoomScape. (Was my first 99).


- Starting cash: minimum 2k. The more the better because you can buy more gems at once.
- A chisel. 1gp, hope you can afford it ?
- Some time on your hands.


To get started:

Head to ::home and go northwest to the shops.


This is the master crafter, he'll be your friend during your grind.


He sells a variety of crafting items. We will focus on the chisel and the gems because they seem to be the quickest and most profitable.


Buy 50 allows you to type in a custom amount and they become noted if you do not have enough inventory space

To sell the gems, they must be noted.


Levels and Profit:

Level 1-20: Uncut Opal

Bought for 2k, sold for 2.5k when cut.

Provides 660 xp per cut gem.

7 uncut jades must be cut to reach level 20.

Yields a profit of 3.5k.

Level 20-34: Uncut Sapphire

Bought for 3k, sold for 4k when cut.

Provides 2.2k xp per cut gem.

8 uncut sapphires must be cut to reach level 34.

Yields a profit of 8k.

Level 34-43: Uncut Ruby

Bought for 4k, sold for 5.5k when cut.

Provides 3,740 xp per cut gem.

9 uncut rubies must be cut to reach level 43.

Yields a profit of 12k.

Level 43-99: Uncut Diamond

Bought for 6k, sold for 8k when cut.

Provides 4,730 xp per cut gem.

2746 uncut diamonds must be cut to reach level 99.

Yields a profit of 5.5m.


Total Profit:

Around 5.5m and 99 crafting. 


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