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250px-Burning_brazier_%28Wintertodt%29.png?7b131Con's Solo Wintertodt Guide250px-Burning_brazier_%28Wintertodt%29.png?7b131


Wintertodt solo's have many ways to do it. This guide will talk about my main method and a few

others. Feel free to modify it for your needs or wants of how you want to do it.




Wintertodt is the firemaking boss. It offers the best firemaking xp/hr in Boomscape and can be done solo, duo,trio,etc.

It consists of lighting braizers, feeding the braizers, fixing braizers, and woodcutting. 



50 firemaking

A hammer

Can be bought at shops or can get one for free at Wintertodt

A axe

A bronze axe can be gotten at Wintertodt or a better one can be bought at the shops.


Can be ought at shops or can get one for free at Wintertodt


Warm clothing is not required on Boomscape



60+ woodcutting

Rune axe or Dragon axe

8-10 high healing food per run

Owning a house

If you do not own a house you will not receive construction xp.


To Get Started:

To get there:

Go ::home, then go to the nexus, then minigames, then click on Wintertodt.

Once at Wintertodt, talk to Ignisia.

After talking to him/her (assume it's a girl idk) go to the door's of dinh to enter Wintertodt.

Have a similar inventory to this before starting.



Inside wintertodt there is 4 braizers. In a solo run you usually only worry about keeping one or two lit. Well those braizers are lit

you cut bruma logs that can be added to the braizer for points(Need 500 to recieve a crate). However during this, wintertodt

has a random chance of hitting you with cold. This will damage you for a small amount and stop the action you

are doing. Another mechanic you have to watch out for are snowfalls. You will see snowflakes start to fall where you are.

When you see this run, because soon piles of snow will fall and damage you quite significantly. This snow can also fall on a braizer

and it will break it. To fix it click on it(must have a hammer) and it will be repaired. Now you have to relight it.


Soloing Wintertodt (My Strategy):


Windertodt has a energy bar that is basically its health. It slowly goes down as long as one braizer is lit.

When soloing I keep two braizers lit. During the time they are lit I cut down bruma logs to add to the braizers.

When my inventory is full of bruma logs or a braizer goes down I add them to the braizer. I then rinse and repeat

this until wintertodt's energy is zero.


Soloing Wintertodt (Other Way to Do it):

There is many other ways to do it so I'll go over two:

1. Cut logs until inventory is full, light one braizer and add logs until you are out. Let braizer go out and repeat.

This method makes the games last a lot longer but you will get more points and get more xp/hr. However you will need to bring more food.

2. Similar to my method, but you just light one braizer and keep relighting it while cutting logs.

This method is slightly faster than the previous but you get less points/xp per game but require less food.


XP gained:

The xp gained is going to vary ALOT. This is because as your firemaking/woodcutting/construction is leveled up, you

gain more experience from each action.

Below is the experience and amount of games from 50-99 firemaking.

8 games played for 50-99 firemaking

1-70 construction

32 supply crates

500k woodcutting xp



For every 500 points you earn in the wintertodt you give a supply crate. From these you can get

pieces to the pyromancer outfit, the phoenix pet, dragon axe, burnt pages, and the tome of fire. 

Below are all the possible other rewards.


(I would of typed this all out but its a lot)




Hope you enjoyed my guide!

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