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General Graardor (Bandos) is one of the 4 godwars bosses. He drops the best in slot melee armor, the bandos tassets

and bandos chestplate. He also drops bandos boots and of course the bandos pet.


Recommend Levels:

80+ Hp

80+ Attack

80+ Strength

90+ Defence 

80+ Range

70+ Magic

70+ Prayer


Gear and Inventory:

This is the gear I have been successful with soloing bandos. It is not the best gear and also is not

the worst gear. Feel free to modify the gear and inventory as you wish.


Barrows armor is almost necessary when soloing bandos because of how many hits you have to tank. The rune kite is probably the 

worst in-slot that is passible. A better upgrade would be a crystal shield or any spirit shield. The dwh or bgs can be used to spec bandos

each kill to lower his defence and make the kills quicker. In the rune pouch are water,earth and nature runes to be able to cast

bones to peaches. This will extremely extend your trips.


Getting There:

::home > Nexus > Dungeons > God Wars Dungeon

Once there go to the northwest to bandos' corner. Once in his corner you have to get a certain kc

to be able to enter Bandos' liar.

KC amount:

40  - No donor rank

35 - Emerald rank

30 - Ruby rank

25 - Diamond rank

20 - Dragonstone rank

15 - Onyx Rank

A good spot to get kc is the door before bandos' corner.


Here you can hide from getting stacked as god items do no protect you(this will probably be fixed) God items do now protect you. You can also

get quick kc here because of the goblins.


The Fight:

Fighting bandos on Boomscape is interesting. When you first enter bandos' liar. Pray melee and piety.

The 3 minions and bandos will attack you. This will be you're hardest kill because after you kill bandos

and all the minions the minions won't be able to attack you again even if you attack them. (This will

probably get fixed as well)

So when you enter, pray melee and piety, spec bandos with your defense draining spec if you have it.

Bandos has one attack to worry about. He smashes the ground and white waves will hit you.

If they hit, they will hit quite a bit so have high health here.

Once bandos is dead on your first kill, pray magic and kill the magic minion. Then kill the other two.

Pick up their bones and cast bones to peaches and repeat. However this time 

the minions can not attack you at all so you do not need to pray after bandos is dead.


After each kill, be sure to pray here. On Boomscape you can pray here as many times you want per trip.


As you can see, the minions are not attacking at all. On the right is the mage minion. The right of bandos is the melee minion and

on the bottom of the picture is the melee minion. Although this does not matter after the first kill of the trip.

Be sure to pick up bones and food the minions drop to extend trips.



Bandos tassets.png Bandos tassets - (1/381)

Bandos chestplate.png Bandos chestplate - (1/381)

Bandos boots.png Bandos boots - (1/381)

Bandos hilt.png: General Graardor drops Bandos hilt with rarity 1/508 in quantity 1 Bandos hilt - (1/508)

Godsword shard 1.png: General Graardor drops Godsword shard 1 with rarity 1/762 in quantity 1Godsword shard 2.png: General Graardor drops Godsword shard 2 with rarity 1/762 in quantity 1 Godsword shard 3.png: General Graardor drops Godsword shard 3 with rarity 1/762 in quantity 1Godsword shard 1,2,3 - (1/762)

Pet general graardor.png: General Graardor drops Pet general graardor with rarity 1/5,000 in quantity 1 Pet general graador - (1/5000)


Hope you enjoyed my guide!

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