Killing Dagganoth King's Guide


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npcs:dagannoth_kings [PkHonor]


The 3 Dagganoth Kings live deep in Waterbirth Island. They are all level 303 foes who each use 1 attack style consisting of 1x Range, 1x Mage and 1x Melee.

It may seem daunting and overwhelming at first but don't be fooled these kings are fairly easy and a great introduction to bossing for learners or anyone looking to practice prayer switches and grab some rings!


They drop the Archers Ring, Berserker ring, Seers ring, Warrior ring and Dragon axe.

Don't forget the pets!


Recommended stats:

- 75 Attack

- 75 Strength +

- 75 Defence +

- 70 Ranged +

- 75 Magic +

- 43 Prayer minimum but 70+ is ideal


Basic Gear setup:


Please note: some of these items can be scaled down to complete dks and you will still be able to do the rotations.


I would suggest taking a few food in case prime aggros you on first trip but as you get more comfortable food should be swapped out for more prayer/restore potions.

If you are comfortable with switching then I recommend adding some more things in like mage cape/rings/occult

Okay so now you're geared up and ready to kick some dagganoth hide!

The Fight

You will begin by going down the ladder into the lair.

First up is Supreme who uses Ranged!

You will need to be using melee here and praying protect from missiles.

Simply make sure you are in the green marked zone as seen below to avoid Prime who attacks with Magic!

Now move onto Prime who uses Magic!

You will need to be using Ranged here and praying protect from magic.

Stand in the blue zone marked as below to avoid both kings aggros.

Now move onto Rex who uses Melee!

You will need to be using magic here and praying protect from melee.

Stay in the red marked zone to avoid prime potentially one hitting you!

(Tip: If you don't have a trident of the seas, an ancient staff and blood spells are a great option as you can heal up and extend your trips)



Green zone: Stand in when killing Supreme

Blue zone: Stand in when killing Prime

Red zone: Stand in when killing Rex


Once you've killed all 3 simply run along the water from Rex back to Supreme to restart the rotation!

There are more efficient gear setups of course I simply tried to adjust it to the average players capability.





P.S: Go easy on me this is my first guide I've ever written but DKS is really simple.




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