BoomScape Updates [09/02/22]


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BoomScape Updates

New Content
 - A complete re-work has been done to how Donator Benefits work, check out he full thread here for a list of all the changes made to the benefits donators get
 - The Zanaris Shortcuts now work
 - Ultimate Mystery Boxes loot table have been re-worked providing some new items and a few changes to the weight of items - check the new loot table here
 - Added a bunch of missing low-tier consumable foods & drinks
 - PvP Supply Chest has been completely re-worked providing a much better variety of loot - check the new loot table here
 - Amrod has been added, he can exchange various Crystal Seeds for Crystal Shards.
 - Added new commands for Mikko

 Bug Fixes
 - Fixed an issue where Salve Amulets didn't get the correct bonuses against undead NPCs
 - Few missing Tree IDs have been added
 - Poisoned Dragon Knifes can now be thrown as the lord intended.
 - You now receive some experience when making Divine Potions
 - Fixed an issue with the starting Tutorial
 - Mush Tree now works as intended


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