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Hunter cape detail.pngCon's Aerial Fishing GuideFishing cape detail.png



Aerial fishing is a hunter and fishing based skill. It also gives some cooking xp as well.

Its a great activity to gain xp in all 3 at once!



35 hunter

This can be achieved by hunting crimson swifts at feldip hills and then copper tails at woodland hills in less than 10 minutes

43 fishing

This can be achieved by fishing shrimps, mackeral and lobsters in catherby

1 Cooking

I hope you have this ?

A knife

Can be bought at the shop assistant at ::home


How to do Aerial Fishing:

To get there:

Use the portal nexus at ::home, go to skilling, and teleport to Aerial fishing

Once there:

Pick up about 3 king worms from around the island


Right click on Alry the Angler and click "Get bird"


Lastly get fishing by going to the edges of the island and clicking on the fishing spots

They move around but runelite should help them standout. 

Green ones are the best to go for because they are closer so you catch the fish quicker. However the blue ones work just fine.


When out of king worms, cut your fish into fish chunks by using your knife on the fish. 

This is done because each time you click on a fishing spot there is a chance to reward your bird with king worms or fish chunks. 

Cutting the fish also provides cooking xp depending on the level of the fish.



Fish types and required levels:

Bluegill detail.png Bluegill:

-35 hunter

-43 fishing 

Common tench detail.pngCommon Tench:

-51 hunter

-56 fishing

Mottled eel detail.pngMottled Eel:

-68 hunter

-73 fishing

Greater siren detail.pngGreater Siren:

-87 hunter

-91 fishing

Levels guide and xp amount:

Disclaimer: Rates depend on your RNG at high levels because you could catch a whole invetory of blue gill or a whole one of greater siren. These are just estimates.

 35-51 Hunter:

136 bluegill caught

63k fishing xp

19k cooking xp

51-68 Hunter:

About 400 bluegill/common tench

About 412k fishing xp

About 108k cooking xp

68-87 Hunter:

About 1500 bluegill/common tench/mottled eel

About 2.5m fishing xp

About 700k cooking xp

87-99 Hunter:

About 2900 bluegill/common tench/mottled eel/greater siren

About 6.3m fishing xp

About 1.7m cooking xp



While aerial fishing, you can receive molch pearls. These can be traded with Alry the Angler for rewards.


Fishing Rods (Can be equipped and used during fishing):

-Pearl fishing rod (100 pearls)

-Pearl fly fishing rod (120 pearls)

-Pearl barbarian rod (150 pearls)

Angler Outfit Set (Full set grants 2.5% bonus fishing xp):

-Angler Hat (25 pearls and 0.4% bonus xp)

-Angler top (25 pearls and 0.8% bonus xp)

-Angler waders (25 pearls and 0.6% bonus xp)

-Angler boots (25 pearls and 0.2% bonus xp)

Fish Sack (Cosemtic cape slot):

-50 pearls

All rewards cost 520 molch pearls


XP Rewards:

99 Hunter and 99 fishing(if you do a bit of additional fishing)


Credit to Mod Mosey and Bakon Bitz for the modeling ?

About 2.6m Cooking Xp


Credit to Mod Mosey for giving me the idea for the guide and the help on it ? 




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